Are you ready for a Border Collie?


1. Take full responsibility for this puppy and provide for all its needs for the next 10 - 17 years? For buyers with kids please understand this is going to be a family pet so don't expect your children to actually help out and keep helping out. This is about you the adult. Kids get bored, busy, go off to college etc so once they are not there to help out are YOU going to take full responsibility for the dog? For buyers without kids are you prepared to keep your pup if your situation changes and you have children?

2. Make sure your Border Collie is kept in a safe and secure environment. This means your dog isn't left loose in a non fenced in yard or on your property where he/she can chase other animals. Yes your dog will chase a car, horse, sheep, goats, cats, other dogs, chickens, birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, do I need to go on? BUY a kennel for when you will be gone or keep your dog in a crate. OH.. by the way the back of your pickup loose looking over the sides isn't a safe place either so you need room in the vehicle for your dog. 

3. Spend enough time exercising and training a BC so he/she doesn't get bored and exercise himself. (usually with the help of your neighbors cat!) Training a dog must be done because a Border Collie puppy does not come trained and you should see training as an investment on your families future with your dog. If you spend time in the beginning training it will have a huge pay off which will result in a great family companion.

4. Insure your pet is healthy by taking him/her to the vet for health care needs.(don't forget when you get a puppy not only will you be paying for a pup but it will soon need vet care vaccines, wormings, spay/neutering etc)

5. Shedding dog in your house? It will happen buy a brush and use it often. Brushing will help but no matter what you do a Border Collie will shed.6. Do you have a game plan for emergencies that may come up with the dog? What about emergencies not dog related and you need somebody to watch your dog for you?

7. Have you learned about the breed and are you ready for the challenges of living with a Border Collie?

8. Can you resist a cute face and not impulse buy? Wait for the right puppy instead of buying just because.

9. Are you prepared to deal with a Border Collie and understand his/her desire to keep in contact with you regarding the pup they have entrusted you to take care of? (if you say No to this don't call me!)

10. Are you ready for a Border Collie?