Border Collie Colors     

First off let me say I think there is NOTHING wrong with having different colors of Border Collies.  I do have different colors here at my house and as long as you do not choose color over health, temperament, drive, or intelligence I see no problem with colors. 

I do not agree with looking for color or even markings as your number one priority and you sacrifice all the important parts just for a little eye candy.   Its is when looking ONLY for color that I think people come into major problems.   There are many people who ONLY raise for color and they do no testing and don't really know crap about this breed and yes I do think they are bad breeders and yes they know I think so.  I have never been one to hold my tongue so this is not a big secret.

I do not sell or reserve pups based on eye color.  I know some folks love blue eyes or marbled eyes but we can't guarantee eye color.   Merle pups eye color can change as they age and we can't always predict it.  Yes we can make a good guess but I have had a bright blue eye marble out before.   There is nothing wrong with liking a specific eye color, everybody likes what they like but it should not be your priorty when looking for a pet or a performance prospect.  If eye color is that important to you then you should look for a pup who is old enough to know what the eye color will be later.  I have ran my kennel for many years, had many champions in conformation and other events, sold pups to great families who adore and take wonderful care of their G Force pups and done so by doing things a certain way which has worked.   I have lasted all these years by placing health and temperament above all else and that is the way I will continue to run this kennel. If you have seen my dogs yes I love all the color that come in this amazing breed but that should be second to all else.  We have been blessed to have the temperaments, health, drive and structures that we like and have that in many colors and markings. 

If you are interested in a Border Collie I am sure you have seen the different colors on the internet.  I am sure you have also seen the ads for "rare" and more expensive Border Collie colors too.  There are no "rare" and therefore more expensive colors of Border Collies.  In my opinion a puppy should not be priced higher based on the dogs "color, pattern or markings, or gender for that matter".  The ONLY reason a person charges more for colors, patterns, markings and gender is because people will pay more for it.  It has been my experience that breeders who charge more for colors do not health test or do much else either but instead just charge more for colors.  I personally would never pay more for a pup no matter what color it was. 
In Border Collies there really are not any "rare" colors but there are colors that are not seen as often to the general public.  Any breeder can produce any color Border Collies they want it is very easy to do if you know anything about color genetics.
You will see breeders who put ads up that say 'rare blue' or 'rare lilac' puppies.  Do they know anything about breeding dilutes? Do they know anything about the piebald gene and deafness? 

Here in the USA you do see more black and whites or chocolate and white Border Collies compared to the other colors but that doesn't make the other colors "rare" they are just not seen as often.  If you look overseas in the UK where Border Collies come from the colors are everywhere! 

Black and white Red (chocolate) Blue Lilac Gold
Merle       Saddle pattern and why it is not the same as tri color

Merle is not a color, it is a pattern.  Merle is the easiest to produce all you have to do is breed one merle parent to a solid parent and you will get merle puppies.  Doesn't seem that "rare" to me.   In order to get merle ONE parent must be a merle.  BUT if both parents are merles you can end up with puppies with various health problems including hearing, neurological problems, dead puppies and other problems too.  Good breeder do NOT breed merle to merle.  Also please note that merle comes in all colors and with all other patterns too.  Be aware that if the litter is out of a merle and there are gold puppies there is no way to tell if the puppies are gold merles because the gold gene will mask the merle pattern. 

Sable pattern is easy to get too.  Breed a sable dog to a dog who is not sable and get sable puppies, breed two sables get all sable puppies,  breed two dogs who carry the sable gene get sable puppies.   EASY

Brindle pattern is is easy.  Brindle is a dominant breed and you get it.  Easy again. 

Chocolate - all you need if both parents to carry the color

Blue =  all you need is both parents to carry the color.

 Lilac = both parents have to carry the blue and chocolate gene. (On a side note I have no idea who named lilac Border Collies "lilac" but they are not lilac they are a dilute of chocolate doesn't look lilac to anybody that is why people get confused about lilac colored dogs)

Gold =  Masking gene and it masks the dogs "true" color that is why gold puppies have blue, chocolate, black or lilac noses.  Also gold will mask the merle pattern and you will not know if a dog is a merle or not until you breed him/her later or if the pup has marbled eyes etc.   Gold will mask brindle and sable also so just be aware when breeding a gold dog. 
In order to get gold all you need is two dogs who carry gold. 

                              This is pepper she is a gold merle.  Notice the marbled eye?