Dogs in their new homes!   Lots of photos so this make take time to load! 

 I am trying to get this page up again but it is going to take me some time.  If I don't have your dog on here please e-mail me a current photo, I lost a lot of photos when my site crashed.  I have added new pages for those who have sent me more than just a couple photos.

Bernice : Gracie / Levi daughter                                                                                              This is Skye and Tess they are half brother and sister and both compete
                                                                                                                                                                          in agility.
Youtube video Bernice Strutting her stuff                                                                                                             

G Force Spirit of Blazing Star OA,OAJ,OF in AKC and in only 5 AKC events she has reached “Excellent” division in all classes; Standard, Jumpers with Weaves, and FAST, all by the age of 3!  Star also competes in USDAA trails as well.    Star has an excellent owner/handler and wonderful instructors to help them both! 
Star is a Suzi daughter to see a cool video please click here Intelligent Border Collie Puppy  while you are there check out the other great Star videos on youtube.
Star has now passed away but will always be remembered and loved.


  G Force Golden Angle Kiss CGC CD RA     Call name Halo  Suzi/ Raider daughter                            Cannolie is a Hope/Sam daughter



G Force Ewan CD  Hope/ Raider son   Youtube video of Ewan at a trial                

                 Tobasco  Suzi/ Raider son                                                                                                              Dezi   Gracie / Levi daughter

Marley  Suzi / Raider Youtube fetch creative idea!                                                 

Robin Terry and Cassie.   Cassie is an Aiden daughter!  Look for these too at the USDAA Nationals 2015!

Yogi after earning his CD!
Yogi getting his CD! 
  Yogi after earning his CD!  Go Yogi and Kellie!                  This is Java.  Notice the marbled eye. Java is a gold merle. (gold merles have no spots!)
   Yogi was Kellie's first G Force pup and we were happy when she added her second G Force pup Java! As of 2015 BOTH boys have added titles to thier name

Misty    Suzi/ Raider daughter lives in Norway                                                               Chloe  is a Hope/ Raider daughter

Jude  Nevaeh/ Trip son  Photo credit Erin Bell. Youtube birthday party for Jude                Jonah is a Hollie/ Trip son.
 few more videos click here
We are pleased to announce that Erin has also added another G Force Puppy to her family.                    


Lori         Aiden/ Raider daughter                                                                                                                                    Titan is Hope/Raider   

                                                                                                                                       Sam      Hope/ Sam son

      Shadow    Suzi/ Raider son                                                                                            Bailey is a Levi/ Gracie Daughter                                                                                        

Daz    Nevaeh/  Trip daughter   Youtube video                                                                                           Layla   Suzi/ raider daughter

Chase   Suzi/ Raider son                                                                         Lindsey   FDCH   Hope/ Sam daughter

Scout   Nevaeh/ Trip daughter                                                                                                  Pilot    Aiden/ Trip son                                             

Juno Nevaeh/ Trip daughter                                                                                                                                Paddy   Nevaeh/ Trip son

Bodhi  Nevaeh/ Trip son

        Jessie is a Nevaeh/ Trip daughter  Photo credit Tom Mills Photography. Tom is in OK for those who are needing dog photos. Tom is a great photographer.
 Pepper is a Suzi/ Trip daughter                                Pepper is an Aiden/ Trip daughter                    Look at the mabled eye on Pepper she is a gold merle..
To see more of these girls click here...

This is the picture of Q before he left here.  The following are photos taken by his owner.  Notice the sable coming out in Q as he ages.....
This is Q he is a Suzi/ Trip son.   He is a sable merle. 
Click here to go to the link to Q's owner's Youtube videos.            To see more photos we have of this boys click here..

This is Tkara she is a Lucy/ Trip daughter. 
To see more photos of Tkara please click here..

This is Bonnie she is a Suzi/ Trip daughter.