How puppies are raised here at G Force Border Collies. 

Here are a few things done to help puppies with socialization and development. This is not all we do because to be honest I add and change things often as new methods are learned.  I believe no matter how many years you have been breeding and raising dogs you should always be open to learning new things and always stay on top of research.

First let me say it takes more than a male and a female to breed good Border Collies.   I go over pedigree, temperament, drive, structure, my goals for breeding and more.  I want to combine the two dogs that will produce the overall best litter possible.
Once my female is close to her due date I watch her like a hawk for signs of labor.  I personally disagree with the whole let nature happen and the mom will "figure" it out on her own.  I believe that you take the whole natural part out of it when you choose to breed two particular dogs.  It is the breeders job to make sure the mom okay and that the puppies are all okay as well. Some of the dogs like somebody right there while they are in labor and some want to just do it all themselves.  Once the pups start coming I write down notes as far who is born first, position, how fast to start nursing, markings, gender and anything else I think I need to write down.  I also make sure the mom doesn't need anything like fresh water, a little help drying off the puppies.  I also like to give the new mom a little cottage cheese after the pups for the extra calcium. 
After the delivery is over I make sure everything is cleaned up and the mom has what she needs. IE: Fresh water, food etc and then I leave her alone to let them bond.

For the first two weeks or so the puppies don't do much but I am monitoring their growth and getting them use to the smell of people and being handled by people too.  Once the puppies start moving around they get real fun. I try to expose the puppies to as many sights, sounds and experiences as possible.  As for getting the puppies to tolerate noise, they live in my house!  I have very loud young kids and they have friends who add to the kid noises. The puppies get use to the sounds of the kids, the noises in the house like the vacuum, the noises in the kitchen, the TV, my boys with their very loud toys, we also shoot clay's in the yard, we live near an army base and there are many sounds with tanks, guns and other things on the training base. My boys also like to play marching band with the puppies which is basically the kids walking around with pots and pans and banging them while dropping hot dogs for the puppies.  The puppies are super happy to hear the noise as long as there are treats involved.  I don't want the puppies to be spooked by moving objects so I hang tarps outside so they get use to the movement and noise while they are outside playing. I let the puppies play on variable surfaces like carpet, tile, concrete, grass as well as toys that they can climb on too.  When the pups are a few weeks old they have a crate to lay in and play inside of but there is no door on the crate it is just something they can go in and out as they please.  Later at about 4-5 weeks the pups start to go in the crate with the door closed for a few minutes and I work up to the puppies napping in the crate in pairs and then later alone.   

I want the puppies to be familiar with being bathed, hair dried, and nails clipped. It makes thing easier in the long run.  I also start the puppies out on paper and eventually have them paper trained before they leave here to make it easier for me to keep the puppies clean.  I start manner work and we only praise and pet a puppy who is sitting down nicely.  I start the puppies on a loose leash but just to get the walking around on it and not fighting a leash. I take the puppies for short car rides and long car rides when we go see our vet who is about 40 minutes from my house.  Our pups are exposed to well manner dogs here at our home as well as our cats too.


The pups are vaccinated and wormed prior to leaving here. 
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