It is hard to see the spots on the above puppy but they will darken.

Merle is a pattern and not a color. Merle pattern can be seen on any color and also with other patterns or markings.

**Merle cannot be seen on gold dogs and in sables the merle can sometimes fade away. **


Proven gold merle stud.  Can't see the merle on a gold.



Notice the mabled eyes in the above dog? That is because she is a gold merle.  Not all golds will have marbled eyes though.

 sable merle border collie puppy   

Sable merle dog above.  You can see the sable in his cheeks and he will keep changing as he ages.


The above photo is Flare, she is a slate blue merle. She has no black on her body. It is hard to tell but her nose is actually dark blue.


Blue merle with the saddle pattern tri too.



Red merle pup and red merle adult dog


Lilac merle pups one with saddle pattern as well.