Not sure what to get for your Border Collie puppy?
  I will list a few things here that I suggest you get for your Border Collie puppy.

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1. Leash= I would suggest you get at least two regular 4-6 foot nylon leashes for daily use.  If you are anything like me you will loose a leash and need a back up!   For potty training or when traveling I would suggest a longer leash for when you are needing to let your pup move around a bit more.  Long line leashes are also great for training purposes.  (Web training lead is what they are called)

2. Collar= A buckel collar is my favorite type of collar and they offer many different types.

3. Name tags= Safety first with your new little pup. 

4. Food bowls= Puppies like to spill food and water on the floor so I suggest something that will not tip over.  I personally like water dishes like the  Le Bistro Waterers. 

5. Dental chew toys= Puppies like to chew so why not give them something that will clean their teeth and they will like it!

6. Grooming supplies= Basic dog brush to keep the hair from ending up all over your house. I like a slicker brush it works well and they are cheap to use too.  You will also need shampoo, try to get tear free for puppies. 

7.  Flea and tick control= I would suggest a topical as it is my opinion that the oral medications are to strong for Border Collies.  That is just my opinion and I am not a vet.  I know a lot of vets are selling the oral medications but I have had dogs have adverse reactions in the past. You do what you feel is best for your dog.

8. Crate=  All dogs need a crate. Period.  There are many types of crates for sale.  Some are wire some are plastic you choose what will work best for your family and pet.  If your pup is going to be home for periods through the day I would also suggest an exercise pen so that your pup can walk around a little while you are gone.  You would simply put the crate inside the exercise pen that way your pup has a place to walk around, sleep and if needed a puppy place to go to the bathroom.  (TIP: I use a plastic under the bed tote with newspapers in it)

9. Toys!= Admit it this is the best part.  I would get different types of toys so that your pup doesn't get bored.  I would also suggest you buy toys that are out of season because they are on sale!  Your pup will not care if he/she is playing with a Christmas toy at Valentines Day.  A toy is a toy is a toy.

.... More to come!