Here are a few videos we have and a few our puppy buyers have sent to me. When I switched site builders I did loose a bunch of buyer video's. If you want yours added please send it to me again.  :-)




This is the coolest video of Star she is a Suzi daughter.  CLICK HERE

This is another video of Star for her 1st birthday!  CLICK HERE

Star doing agility.  First video of Star doing agility this was when she first got started. Star is now very titles in agility! CLICK HERE


Here is the page for Erin's dogs. Erin has two Border Collies from me. The big boy is Jude and he is a Nevaeh/ Trip son. The young boy is Jonah he is a Suzi/ Trip son.  . Be sure and check out Snuggle Puppy it is too cute.  CLICK HERE


Here is a cute video of Marley playing fetch.  Marley is a Suzi daughter. This is a very creative way to play fetch without having a large field!  CLICK HERE

Marley and her new baby!  Too cute! CLICK HERE


Here is Tracy's page. The sable blue merle male is from me and he is out of Suzi and Trip.  The beautiful gold BC is a rescue Tracy took in.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO HER PAGE

Hide and seek  CLICK HERE

 Q learns a chain behavior CLICK HERE Go into crate and shut the door. 

Here is a David's page. David 's dog is out of Hope and Sam. Click here


Here is Daz she is a Nevaeh/ Trip daughter. Playing Frisbee CLICK HERE

Daz doing bite work CLICK HERE

Daz doing agility CLICK HERE